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ryuukou_style's Journal

流行style: A J-Fashion Community
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This is a community focusing on all apsects of Japanese fashion.

Community Information

This community was started so people would have a place to learn and discuss J-fashion as a whole. This community does not focus on one particular style, because J-fashion isn't just gyaru or lolita styles, there is a lot more to it and hopefully here, we can all discover everything else J-fashion has to offer. I hope you all enjoy this comm and please feel free to contribute to make it a fantastic, thriving community!
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★ Posts must be related to Japanese fashion, models, magazines, etc.
★ Do not steal, hot link, redistribute stuff from this community that you did not post yourself to other websites/communities without asking.
★ If posting something you didn't scan or upload yourself, you MUST have the original poster's permission, and provide a source + credit.
All posts containing magazine, and video downloads should be friends locked.
★ Full magazines and photobooks go under a cut but please display the cover for the preview.
★ Please use a LJ cut if you're posting anything that will distort the layout.
★ Try to at least leave a comment of "Thanks" to entries you take from.
★ ALWAYS appropriately tag your posts with the list of tags already available.
★ Ads are not allowed, unless approved by mods. To gain approval, please msg any of the mods.
★ Request posts are not allowed. If you have a reupload request, first ask in the original post. If there is no reply within a week, contact the mods, and we will include your request in the next update.
★ All downloads must be direct download (MegaUpload, sendspace, MediaFire etc.)
★ Do not post outside links to streaming sites or indirct download sites (DailyMotion, YouTube, Veoh, Clubbox, Bittorent, eMule, etc). Exception: OP's may post links to streaming sites if it is the primary means of visual identification of the discussed topic.
★ No selling or trading.
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